Lending Process:


  • Indicate desired participation to Jason or Max on Telegram: @channel and then DM.

  • We will confirm what is still available and the terms.

  • We will provide you a single use BTC address for the funds transfer.

  • When we receive your funds, we will provide a receipt and a signed loan contract.

  • We need your KYC/AML information and a countersigned loan contract within 10 business days.

  • We will file with the U.S. SEC and a UCC-1 filing to secure your interest in mining production through a legal claim on the Foundation itself.

  • We will send you all of this documentation in hard copy promptly.

  • Every month, we will provide you a financial transparency report until the Notes are paid.

  • You are repaid within 9 months or less in your choice of USD, BTC, or Epic Cash.

To fund expenses related to the blockchain launch, EPIC Blockchain Foundation is raising $10,000,000 in UCC-1 secured promissory notes from accredited investors in an SAFC offering. The notes are repayable at the lender's option in either USD, BTC, or Epic Cash. Lenders will receive 2.0x for a 9-month loan, which may be repaid early at the Foundation's option.

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